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Kazakh media delegation visits Anadolu Agency


A high-level media delegation from Kazakhstan visited Anadolu Agency’s headquarters in Ankara on Monday.

The delegation, headed by Askar Umarov, Director General of KAZINFORM was welcomed by Metin Mutanoglu, the deputy director-general and editor-in-chief of Anadolu Agency.

Other members of the delegation included Ilkhamzhan Ibragimov, the deputy chairperson of the Kazakhstan Radio and Television Corporation.

The delegation, headed by the country’s Information and Social Development Minister Aida Balayeva, visited the country upon the invitation of Turkey’s Communications Directorate. 

Mutanoglu briefed the delegation on the agency’s structure and working, adding that they are open for collaborations.

During the meeting, Umarov congratulated the agency on completing 101 years and noted that cooperation with Turkey’s largest news network is “vital” for Kazinform.

Founded in 1920, Anadolu Agency is a leading global news agency operating across the world. It serves subscribers in more than 100 countries, including in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Asia-Pacific.

The agency produces news stories in 13 languages: Turkish, English, Arabic, BHS (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian), Russian, Kurmanji, Sorani, Persian, French, Albanian, Macedonian, Indonesian, and Spanish.

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