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Minister of economic development RB called the plan for development of Bashkortostan “ambitious but practicable”
Ufa, 18 august, Bashinform.
The head of the Ministry of economic development RB Eugene Mavrin called the forecast of social-economic development RB for the nearest three years ambitious but practicable.“The main parameters on the rates of growth leave the average Russian ones behind but for this conclusion we have the main thing – precise vision of the priorities in our development – activation of investment and innovational activity, further modernization of economics and strengthening of its competitive ability, the rise of management efficiency, well-balanced territorial development, improvement of business environment and all abovementioned has to improve the level of life” – the Minister mentioned, introducing the specified forecast 2012-2014, composed taking the changes in local economics for the expired period of the year into account, to the Government.Eugene Mavrin underscored that the main indices underwent no substantial changes. The overall rise of economics in January-July 2011 made up about 4%, as it was planned earlier, mainly thanks to positive dynamics in industrial production, export and in the consumer market.
Development of economics in the forecasted period will be characterized first of all by making the start-up conditions for its technological modernization. The rates of investment growth to the fixed capital will exceed the growth of the gross regional product in 2012-2014, making up almost 109%. The building sphere will develop stably. In 2014 the average supply with housing will make up 23,8 square meters per capita. Industrial production will be the driver of economic upsurge. The average annual rates of its growth will make up 106,2%. At the same time agriculture will hamper its growth: its rate during the forecasted period won’t exceed 102,3% on average.
The rise of export volumes and retail trade turnover is expected too. At that it is expected that the  index of consumer prices won’t overstep the 105%-level by 2014.
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