Uzbekistan exports 4.7 tons thsd tons of sweet cherry to Kyrgyzstan

Tashkent, June 25, 2021. / Kabar /. Uzbekistan in January-May 2021 exported 4.7 thousand tons of sweet cherries to Kyrgyzstan, according to data of State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan.

Over the past period, Uzbekistan exported 27.6 thousand tons of sweet cherries in the amount of USD 43.4 million. This is 4.3 thousand tons more than in the same period in 2020.

In particular, cherries were shipped to Kazakhstan – 13.8 thousand tons, Russia – 8.6 thousand tons, Ukraine – 212.3 tons, Belarus – 142.2 tons, and Poland – 67 tons.

In January – May 2021, Uzbekistan exported cherries to 14 foreign countries.

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