President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made working trip to Dashoguz Velayat where he took part in the sadaka in the main mosque of the region. From the airport of Dashoguz, the Head of the State went to the mosque, which has been built on one of the most beautiful streets – the Gyorogly Street, in the southwest part of the city. Other original buildings decorating architectural ensemble of Dashoguz including white-marble buildings of the N. Andalib State Music and Drama Theatre and the Ruhiyet Palace are also located along this long street. Changing image of administrative centre of Dashoguz Velayat is a visual example of the successful realization of large-scale programmes and projects in different spheres in the regions of the country. Construction of several important social and production facilities is carried out in the northern region at present. This list includes new living houses, Türkmeniň ak öýi, health protection facilities, other new buildings of the velayat. Development of industrial sector, agricultural complex and private entrepreneurship has received strong impulse like all over the country, modernization of rural infrastructure is continued. … Vehicle of the Head of the State comes to the main mosque of Dashoguz Velayat. As is known, it was opened in October 2015 with participation of the President of Turkmenistan. Magnificent white-marble mosque with four minarets and domes, crowned with gilt crescents is located in picturesque district of the city. It has a green park nearby, which was planted in 2013 with participation of Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. The building of the mosque has been erected in the best traditions of national architecture as well as using advanced technologies, original architectural and design solutions including the interior, decoration and wall paintings. Ornaments consonant with décor of historical monument located in the region were used in decoration. The interior of the mosque is decorated with filigree calligraphy from the Holy Koran. Granite was used for tiling of the concourse part of the building. Diameter of mosaic central dome is 38 meters and height is 40 meters; height of each of four minarets is 63 meters. Prayer hall of the mosque accommodates 3,000 people. The upper level is designated for women. Modern materials, which are distinguished with resistance to both heat and low temperature in winter period, typical for local climate, have been used for covering of the domes. The territory of the complex, which occupies 60,000 square meters, also has a place for sadaka for 1,500 seats, auxiliary and technical facilities. All conditions for comfortable stay of 200 pilgrims are provided in three-storey hotel. Being of the attractions of Dashoguz, the main mosque fascinates with beauty of architecture and décor. All territory of the complex is developed, equipped with modern lighting system and planted with trees and shrubs. Due to original lighting, the mosque looks very beautiful at night impressing with harmony and magnificence of the composition. Speaking with the elders in the mosque, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that our country carries out large-scale work for strengthening of economic power, increment of industrial potential, modernization of social structure, integrated development of the regions, systematic improvement of social and living conditions of Turkmen citizens. Having expressed gratitude to respected elders for active participation in remarkable events, which are very important for the life of the state and society, the Head of Turkmenistan noted that representative of fraternal nations, in particular Uzbek people, live in peace and harmony in the velayat as well as highlighted significant role of joint activity of the elders in protection of rich national historical, cultural and spiritual heritage, education of younger generation in the spirit of true patriotism, high moral principles, honesty and hard-working. The Head of the State highlighted that Turkmen people respects relations of friendship and fraternity from the old times. tradition to gather together at one table is a bright symbol of these relations, one of which is a tradition to share bread and salt, which makes people closer, as Turkmen national wisdom says. In their turn, the elders – representatives of Uzbek diaspora participating in the event, expressed gratitude to the Head of the State for permanent care of the development of the velayat. After, the President went to the mosque. The Mufti of Turkmenistan said prayer to the Almighty on prosperity of the country, unity and solidarity of Turkmen nation. Sacred relic – the canvas with script of Holy Kaaba, which was sent to Turkmen leader as a memorable gift from Makkah, is displayed in the main mosque of Dashoguz Velayat today. The sacred teperrik is also displayed. As is known, this sacred thing is displayed in the mosques of the country in order that all believers would be able to come and worship it. Accompanied by the Mufti of the country and Imam of the main mosque of Dashoguz Velayat, the President of Turkmenistan has looked around the mosque, having paid attention to its decoration, features of architectural design and conditions. Having left the mosque, Turkmen leader went to the building designated for ritual meal where President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave sadaka by the royalties received for his books. Addressing the participants with greeting, the Head of the State highlighted that we honour primordial traditions and rituals inherited from the ancestors, carefully protect spiritual values in our country, for which all conditions are made. Construction of mosques in the velayats indicates about continuation of these traditions. As is known, the President of Turkmenistan said, visits of mosques in Lebap and Mary Velayats took place recently. Today, the sadaka will be given in the main mosque of Dashoguz Velayat for prosperity of the Motherland and wealthy life of the nation. The Head of the State noted that Turkmen and Uzbek people are connected with friendship and fraternity from the old times. Today, we have gathered at one table. Achieving big success in all directions of the economy, our independent neutral country turns into one of rapidly developing states of the world. The President highlighted that all velayats make significant input to these achievements. Dashoguz Velayat also reach high results in all spheres. Production, social and cultural facilities are regularly built and opened in the region. New settlements, living complexes, schools, kindergartens, sport facilities, beautiful streets ehnace the beauty of the cities and villages. All work is aimed at prosperity of the people, the President said, having highlighted that this policy would be continued. Dashoguz land is very generous. Farmers cultivate generous yield of cotton, wheat and other agricultural crops every year. Responsible season starts for the cotton producers. Speaking of this, the Head of the State expressed confidence that this year, the workers of the fields in the region will have excellent results. The President noted the neutrality is a friendship and fraternity, goodwill and peaceful life. Following legal status of neutrality of our sovereign state, we expand friendly and fraternal relations with the countries of the planet, pursue peaceful and humanitarian policy. The Head of the State highlighted that Dashoguz region is one of the oldest region of our brave ancestors. The velayat has many historical and cultural monuments, which come to us through the centuries. Ancient city of Kunyaurgench, mausoleum of the great Pir Najmeddin Kubra, burial site of 360 Pirs are the famous sanctuaries in the world. All conditions were made for the population of our country would be able to make pilgrimage to the sacred places. Turkmen people has always kept its religion, traditions and customs, national originality. Following this, the government makes all conditions for freedom of belief of citizens, respect of their customs in order to Turkmenistan citizens would be able to live in prosperity, the Head of the State highlighted. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave floor to the Mufti of the country who say the ‘tebyarek’ prayer, after which ritual meal ceremony took place. After the meal, the ‘ayat tovir’ prayer has been said. After, the Head of the State said warm good-bye to the participants and left the place of event. On the same day, join juma-namazy took place in the mosque with participation of representatives of wide public. The vehicle has been presented to the main mosque of Dashoguz Velayat on behalf of Turkmen leader.