The 6th General Assembly of Association of News Agencies of Turkic Speaking Countries (TKA), which was established during a meeting in the Turkish capital of Ankara in November 1992, was held in the Turkish province of Karaman on May 10, 2007 within the framework of the 730th Turkish Language Day celebrations and under the auspices of Anadolu Ajansi.

We would like to thank Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) for the support it has provided since the establishment of TKA, and particularly, for the convening of the association’s 6th General Assembly.

Our news agencies have reached a consensus on the improvement of the cooperation among themselves for the accurate transfer of the news regarding Turkic Speaking Countries to the rest of the world.

Within this framework, our news agencies have decided to

1- Publish news about our countries and promote our countries in Turkish, English and Russian languages through our association’s web-sites,,,

2- Ensure the proper functioning of the news transfer between our agencies,

3- Organize mutual training programs,

4- Improve technical cooperation opportunities,

5- Improve the effectiveness of the association in line with the provisions of the statute,  

6- Change Articles 5 and 11 of the statute.

7- Our agencies have also agreed to discuss issues such as accepting new members and determining a logo during the upcoming meeting.

Furthermore, it was requested that the association’s name be changed in a way that would reflect the participation of other Turkic communities and all member agencies shall provide links to other members on their web-sites. The members have also decided that Anadolu Ajansi shall continue to hold the Secretariat General of the association.

This final declaration was signed on May 10, 2007 in Karaman by the representatives of the member agencies who attended the meeting in the city.

Hilmi Bengi, Director General and Chairman of the Executive Board of Anadolu Ajansı 

Aslan Aslanov, Director General of AzerTAC

Zharylkap Beisenbaiuly, Chief Editor of Qazaqparat Agency

Nadir Momunov, Director General of Kabar 

Emir Ersoy, Director General and Chairman of the Executive Board of TAK