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Kyrgyz films to be shown in Moscow
Bishkek, Oct. 24, 2018. /Kabar/. Kyrgyz films of the Soviet period will be shown in several cinemas in Moscow, the Mosfilm website wrote. From 4 to 14 November, a retrospective of the works of the Kyrgyzfilm Soviet studio will be held in the Zvezda, Fakel, and Yunost cinemas. “We will acquaint you with the phenomenon of the ‘Kyrgyz miracle’ - this epithet was proposed by the world film community, when Kyrgyz films began to receive the most prestigious awards at international festivals in Berlin, Locarno and Karlovy Vary. The first feature film at the Kyrgyzfilm studio was filmed in 1955, and 10 years later films were released that were not inferior to their French and Italian ‘peers’. By the way, Andrei Konchalovsky and Larisa Shepitko made their debut at the Kyrgyzfilm,” it was reported. Muscovites will be shown such works as “Znoi” (Russian: Зной, lit.: Heat) - Shepitko’s debut, shot based on the story of Chyngyz Aitmatov, “Potomok Belogo Barsa” (Russian: Потомок белого барса, lit.: Descendant of the White Leopard”, which received the Silver Lion in Venice in 1985. The program includes pictures that are currently in a single film copy stored in the archives of the Mosfilm. For example, the dramas “The White Steamboat” and “Priyut Dlya Sovershennoletnih” (Russian: Приют для совершеннолетних, lit.: Shelter for adults), “Vystrle na Perevale Karash” (Russian: Выстрел на перевале Караш, lit.: Shot on Karash Pass). The Mosfilm is the second largest film foundation in Russia, which store more than 10 thousand film copies. Among them are unique instances that do not have a digital version.
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